How We Make 1/2 Of Our Income In Q4

Q4 Profits is the ultimate guide to figure out how to get in on the most profitable season on Amazon!


If you have been an Amazon seller for any amount of time, I am sure you have heard people in groups talking about how awesome the Q4 season is right?

It’s the time of year that Amazon sellers look forward to all year! That’s because sales go crazy between the months of October-December.

There are 3 major holidays that occur during the 4th quarter. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

More and more every year people are turning to online retailers to fulfill their holiday needs. And the kicker is, Amazon is dominating the online retail space year after year.

Even though other stores are trying hard to get a piece of the holiday action, most people are just turning to Amazon. My guess is they know it is just easy to shop on Amazon. With free 2-day shipping, Prime members don’t have to worry if their gifts/holiday needs will arrive on time.

Last year alone, Amazon saw $60.5 BILLION in sales during the 4th quarter! Amongst all online retailers, Amazon captured 89% of all online sales during this time frame.

Amazon wants to have EVERYTHING a buyer could possibly look for, but they can’t do the job alone.

That’s where Amazon sellers come in! We get to make sure that all of those buyers are able to find their holiday goods.

You are in the perfect position to increase your Amazon sales this holiday season. The buyers are looking for items and you can be the one who fulfills that need for them.

Whether this is your first holiday-selling season on Amazon, or you are a veteran seller, I’m sure you will find some tips and tricks in this guide to help you feel more prepared going into this holiday season.


You already know that people are coming to Amazon for all of their holiday needs.  But, are you ready to make sure they are buying from YOU?

The time between Halloween and Christmas Eve is incredibly busy for us… and incredibly profitable.

But here's the thing.  Selling on Amazon during the 4th Quarter is a whole different ball game than the rest of the year.

We go from only looking at clearance products, to looking at regular retail priced products.  It's a major mental shift and it can be difficult for many sellers to accomplish on their own.

That's why I wrote the Q4 Profits Guide.  I wanted to share the secrets I have learned in the last 8 years of selling on Amazon!  Every year I learn new strategies that can be implemented during this season.

If it is planned correctly, sellers can make up half of their yearly income in a month or two!

If you’re ready to take home your share of the profit pie and learn how to take advantage of the Online Christmas Shopping Frenzy then this guide is for you.

You Can Dive In Now And Be Ready To Tackle Q4

This guide is written from my experience of having tackled almost 10 Q4's on Amazon!


  1. How to find products straight off the shelf that sell for 3x+ on Amazon.
  2. When to focus on each of the major holidays so you don't miss out on any sales.
  3. What clues we look for in stores that show us what people are eager to buy.
  4. The strategies we use to make sure our inventory sells quickly and is profitable.
  5. How we decide what to buy, what to test and what to skip.
  6. what types of items we are looking for during each holiday.

That’s right! We’re sharing our entire 4th Quarter strategy with you, right down to the little things we change at home to make sure things are running smoothly and we still have time to enjoy the Holiday Season.


  • We are able to make a big chunk of our income during this time of year, allowing us to 'take it easy' the rest of the year.
  • The atmosphere on Amazon is totally different and exciting!
  • I get to head out and shop for toys, gifts sets and all sorts of other fun stuff I usually ignore the rest of the year.
  • Things are FLYING off the shelves in our Amazon store!
  • We usually get to 'beat Amazon' at their own game when they sell out of popular items.  I know it's silly, but it feels great to be able to jump in and fill the demand (not to mention that it is also VERY profitable).

If you're up for a bit of a challenge and a chance to make plenty of Christmas money and then some, this is what you need.


A lot of people may be telling you that if you haven't already started buying for the Q4 season that it is too late. I'm here to tell you that is wrong.

If you are a retail arbitrage seller, the time is now. You can jump in right now and start cashing in on the Q4 madness.

We see Halloween items start selling in September. But that doesn't mean if it's October you are too late. You can still get plenty of stuff to Amazon throughout October and still cash in on the Halloween holiday!

Then we move right to Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas is here.

I get it, that can be overwhelming to think about, right?

Well, this guide will walk you right through each of these 3 holidays and share with you the types of things that have sold successfully and how to spot items for each of these holidays.

Like I mentioned earlier, the strategies that we use during Q4 are different than the rest of the year. We are here to help you with straight up retail arbitrage in big box stores! Sometimes that means walking into Walmart, picking up a bag of candy off of the shelf for $5.88 and selling it on Amazon for almost $20!


Other times that means picking up a holiday inflatable for Big Lots for $20 and selling it on Amazon for $80.

You just have to know what to look for and this guide is going to teach you what you need to know!


There is a big misconception about selling on Amazon during the holidays and that is that TOYS are the main thing that is selling. Sure, you CAN sell a lot of toys if you want to. But there is SO MUCH MORE that can be sold on Amazon during the holiday season.

There are a ton of things that can be sold during Christmas that have nothing to do with toys.

Whether you have kids in your house or not, we can help you know what is popular and what is selling well!

Sign up right now and you’ll be ready to sit down, read through the guide and get your strategy set for this Holiday Selling Season

This guide will take you by the hand and walk you through each of the three major holidays of Q4: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You'll know how we plan ahead for sourcing trips, what we are looking for once we are in the stores and the ways we maximize our profits during this season.

One of the best ways to learn is through an apprenticeship. While it isn’t practical for me to have you over at our house, or out shopping with us, this is the next best thing.

We’ll walk you through everything we will be doing in the coming weeks and point out the main pitfalls we’ve come across in our almost 10 seasons of selling on Amazon during Q4.

Q4 Profits Takes The Stress Out Of The Holidays

But, don't just take our word for it. See what some of our past students have to say about this course.

"You are a remarkable teacher and I truly appreciate your sound guidance. I learned a lot about timing purchases and pricing/repricing during Q4. You helped me exceed my Q4 goals and set a new course for next year!"

Cynthia O

"I was very excited to read about how you do liquidation sourcing! The book is easy to understand, thorough and well written. I can’t wait to start finding liquidation sources and if I am half as successful as you have become I’ll be happy."


Here’s What You'll Get With This Course

In the Q4 Profits course I'll share my best strategies for making the most of the Q4 season.

We’ve purposely kept the guide to the point with no fluff. Don’t let that fool you though.  With almost 130 pages packed full you will discover everything we’ve learned over the past several years, when it comes to selling on Amazon during the Holiday Season.

Here’s just some of what we’ll be covering in the Q4 Profits Guide:

  • Our top selling categories during Q4
  • The importance of ranks in Q4 and what to do when there aren't any
  • Other things we focus on besides 'JUST' toys
  • When we will compete with Amazon
  • The secret strategy we use to add thousands of dollars to our bottom line every year
  • Extra ways to maximize your profits
  • The clues we find scattered throughout the retail stores
  • How we use the 'Hot Toy Lists' to sidestep the competition
  • And so much more!

See… We weren't kidding when we said we had you covered when it comes to buying, selling and profiting during Q4!

Get Ready For Q4 Right Now

Grab your copy of Q4 Profits today and let us guide you through the process of selling on Amazon during the 4th Quarter.

Still Have Some Questions?

Let's go over some of the common questions we get about Q4 Profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I would LOVE to work with each and every one of you directly, I just can't do that.  Otherwise my family would resent my business and I don't want that ;)


If you MUST HAVE that one on one support, you can get access to me through coaching sessions purchased separately.

We have a very generous 30 day, no questions asked guarantee.  In order to receive a refund, we just ask that you email [email protected] and we will promptly refund your purchase.

Getting To Know Jessica Larrew

Ok, so at this point you know exactly what the Q4 Profits course can teach you, right?

But, I'm sure you are wondering, who is teaching me all of this information and why should I trust them?  I get it and yay for you for even caring!

I'd like to take this chance to introduce myself!  My name is Jessica Larrew and I am the creator of the Liquidation Gold course as well as many other Amazon seller trainings.

Below is a picture of myself, my husband Cliff and our son Aiden (he's much bigger now, but I love this picture none the less).

My Amazon FBA Journey Started In 2010

Although that isn't exactly where my entreprenuer journey started.  You see, I had been dabling with ways to make money online since before that.  But, it was in 2008 when I was laid off from my job (just like so many others during that time) that I decided to take my hobby of making money online and turn it into a full time gig.

First, I started with eBay.  I was doing ok with it as a side hustle when I had a job, so that was my first 'full time' online experience.  And, I was making pretty good money doing it.

But, there was one problem.  In order to make MORE money, I would need to work even MORE hours!  And I just didn't have more hours I wanted to give.  I didn't want to spend all of my time working.  I wanted freedom...

I started scouring the internet to find ways that I could make more money without working 80 hours a week (heck, I didn't even want to work 40 hours a week honestly).

Amazon FBA Is What Changed It All

That is when I came across the Amazon FBA program.  It was very similar to what I was doing on eBay (buying low and selling high) with two MAJOR differences.

  1. When selling on Amazon, everyone uses the same product pages.  So I no longer needed to create my own pages for each product I wanted to sell.
  2. Amazon was able to store all of the products for me and ship them to the customer after they sold. 

WHOA!  Game changer!  This meant I could spend MORE time sourcing products and LESS time listing / shipping them.  This is exactly what I had been looking for.

Cliff Wanted In Too

After I had figured out the Amazon FBA system, I was making about the same as Cliff was...But I was working way less!  

Since he hated his job, we decided to take a big leap of faith.  He quit his job and we started selling on Amazon together.

The very first year that we were selling together 'full-time' we sold almost $300,000 worth of products and made over $100,000 in PROFIT!  Our life was changing for the better.  

Not only did we have more MONEY, we had more time to spend with each other and our son Aiden who was just a little guy at the time. 

People Wanted To Know HOW It Was Possible

When I was selling by myself, people that it was "cute"...When Cliff quit his job to sell stuff online, they thought we were CRAZY!  

But, once people could see it was actually working and we were happier than ever, they wanted to know HOW.  

How could they experience this same freedom in their own lives?!?  

And that, is how The Selling Family was born.  I started to share with people exactly what we were doing and how they could do it too.  Since then, we have worked with over 20,000 students through our many courses and have seen many lives changed.  

We belive in keeping family first, even if that means keeping our business 'small'.  Our goal for our students is the same.  We want you to be able to provide for your family and have the time and freedom to enjoy life with them!

Liquidation Gold is one of the ways I get to share this journey with you and I can't wait to hear about how it impacts your business.

Get Ready For Q4 Right Now

Grab your copy of Q4 Profits today and let us guide you through the process of selling on Amazon during the 4th Quarter.


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