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Quick and Easy Merchant Fulfilling

Ready to MASTER Merchant Fulfilling on Amazon?

We've been getting bombarded with requests for a new Merchant Fulfill course, so we decided it was time to give you the Quick and Easy process for merchant fulfilling!

There are times when Merchant Fulfilling makes more sense than using the FBA program, but it's not as straight forward as just throwing your items in a box and sending them to Amazon to handle the rest.

This course covers everything you need to be able to confidently list and ship your merchant fulfill products!

All while making sure your items are going to be profitable, before listing...

This course is made to get you up and running ASAP...you won't find any fluff or unneeded steps included.

'Cuz, who's got time for that?!?

This course covers:

⭐ How to calculate your MF profitability BEFORE buying any products to list

⭐ Why you need custom shipping templates (please note, only professional seller accounts can create shipping templates) and how to set them up so that customers choose YOU over other sellers

⭐ How to set up PRIME options (if you are already approved) so customers can use their free PRIME 2-day delivery even when buying from YOU

⭐ The supplies you've got to have on hand BEFORE selling anything merchant fulfilled

⭐ The two main things we focus on when evaluating products for merchant fulfilling that don't matter as much when using FBA

⭐ Shipping rates you need to know and a quick and easy chart you can screenshot and keep on your phone for easy reference

⭐ How to list products from your phone so they can be selling before you even get home from shopping

⭐ Dealing with refund requests

and as a special bonus...

🎁 You can get support in our Q&A section!  For the next month I'll be available in the comments to answer your MERCHANT FULFILLING questions

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