Learn Exactly How To Find The Best Books To Sell On Amazon

Niche Book Profits shows you how to find profitable books from thrift stores and/or yard sales, while focusing on the niches

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Many Amazon Sellers Are Getting TINY Margins On Their Books...But Not YOU!

This eBook was written to share the strategies behind finding the most profitable niches available, while skipping the mass media others are looking at.

When I first got introduced to selling on Amazon over 8 years ago, it was to sell used books. And let me tell you, I had a pretty quick realization that it just wasn't for me!

So why then would I be here today talking to you about selling used niche books on Amazon FBA?

Because a few years later I gave it another go…Things had changed dramatically with the way that Amazon worked (mainly the introduction of the Fulfillment By Amazon – FBA program!) and the way that sellers could find books to sell (hello scanning apps!). 

The landscape of how to sell used books on Amazon had changed a lot and was much more appealing to me.

Having instant access to the current selling price and rank of books meant I could make better decisions if a book was worth buying to resell on Amazon or not.

But…I’m not talking about buying books in bulk and selling them for $4.00!

The whole purpose of this guide is to show you exactly how to find the RIGHT books by focusing on the most profitable niches while skipping the junk (aka low priced books, not actual junky books).

After reading this guide, you will go into your next thrift store armed with the system that will help you navigate what could be rows and rows of books, while you only need to scan a small percentage of what's on the shelves.

You will be surprised by some of the boring little books that bring in huge profits.  If we went by our personal preference in books, we would miss out on the books that have made the most profits!

Books are heavy, and each one needs to be processed individually, so I want to make sure that you don't buy anything that isn't going to bring in sweet profits (I prefer to only sell books over $25, but you may choose a slightly lower threshold).


Let's see if these seem familiar

Method #1 - Bulk Book Buyers

First, booksellers who purchase large quantities of books that sell for pennies and make money on the excess shipping charges (like $.50/book).

These booksellers make their money by sheer volume in the number of books that they sell.

Method #2 - Specialty Book Buyers

Second, booksellers who focus on high dollar books and just sell books that meet their GREAT profit expectations.

They sell fewer books overall but make up for it in the price per book.

Which Method Sounds Best To YOU?

If you are anything like me, then you would prefer to sell fewer books, but focus on choosing the RIGHT books!  

Maybe you are even like I was in the beginning, and you have TRIED without luck to make money from selling books on Amazon?  You probably realized it was a TON of work for not so much PROFIT.


Ok, I'm about to get cliche, and I apologize ahead of time.

We've all heard the phrase “The riches are in the niches.” And it's true when it comes to selling used books on Amazon!

And the more unique the “niche”, the better!

Which of these books do you think would sell for a higher price?

  • How To Raise Birds
  • How To Raise Pet Birds For Profit

If you said the second option, you would be right. There are hundreds and hundreds of books available for someone who wants to just “raise birds.” But someone who is looking to create a business around those birds is looking for something a lot more unique…aka NICHE.

If you saw this book in a thrift store for $.50 would you think you could sell it for almost $100?!? I bet not.


I am here to help you learn to source the RIGHT books, saving you both time and money. When you find the right books, they often sell for 10x, 20x and even 50x the price you pay for them.

I want to share with you the secrets that made sourcing for used books FUN again! After reading this guide, you will have a hard time passing up any pile of used books, because you will want to just “scan them quick!” and see if there are any GREAT books.

Here’s What You'll Get With This Guide

In the Niche Books Profit ebook I'll share my best strategies for finding the most profitable books to resell on Amazon.

  • The exact niches that I focus on to score in the highest selling priced
  • Tons and tons of examples from those niches that have been sold for wild profits
  • The top places you can source for used niche books
  • How I determine what is a good price to pay for books based on their Amazon price
  • Everything you need to know about ranks and why it's different than all of the other categories on Amazon
  • How to rate your books so that your customers are always and pleasantly surprised
  • The tools you can use to make the book buying / processing smoother than ever
  • Exactly how to price your books so they sell quickly and competitively
  • and so much MORE

Niche Books Profit Makes Selling Books Profitable

But, don't just take our word for it. See what some of our past students have to say about this guide.

"I had already looked at some videos on YouTube, but didn’t find them very helpful. I tried going out on my own to figure it out and came home with nothing. It was very frustrating! It never occurred to me to look for niche books, but it makes total sense!

After reading The Selling Family’s guide on how to sell used books on Amazon, I happened to see some gift books in the clearance section when I was shopping at Kohl’s yesterday. First, I’ve never seen books at Kohl’s before (they must have been sold at Christmas time only), and second, I NEVER would have thought to scan them. I ended up buying every book they had and I think they’ll do well on Amazon. I can’t wait to go looking for books again. I feel a lot more confident now that I know what to look for. Thank you Jessica!"

Debbie S

"When I first decided to sell used books as an FBA reseller, I purchased a course that dove deep, deep, DEEP into #ALLTHETHINGS one might ever need to know, do or buy to sell used books on Amazon. The result? I froze. It was way too much, way too soon.

Jessica’s “Niche Book Profits” is nothing like that. In fact, the guide is precisely what it promises to be – an Introduction. It skims the surface of the book buying and reselling iceberg to teach you the essentials of what you need to find, source, grade, and price used books to begin making sales and generating profit. Then, when (and if) you’re ready to dive deeper – you’re ready."

Heather S

"It has been such an overwhelming market to dig into, but this clarified some ways to make it simpler. It has made it clearer on what I need to do to make better decisions when I am out sourcing. It has opened up a previously untapped market.

The steps given are clear and concise. It is a true step by step guide to finding the most profitable books. I am super excited to go out and do some searching!"

Summer T

"My objective was to feel like I could walk confidently into an opportunity and not lose my nerve. By the end of the book I actually was quite excited to add niche bookselling to my young business. Thank you Selling Family for building confidence and helping other families to succeed."


"The Niche Book Profits guide is comprehensive and helpful. Jessica is great at breaking things down into simple and easily duplicated steps. The examples are excellent and give you some solid ideas about what to look for when searching for niche books. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone looking to add another facet to their Amazon business or those looking for a low investment way to begin selling on Amazon."

Cindy M


I get it!  Buying used books for pennies on the dollar is not as glamorous as some of the other forms of selling on Amazon…

But it sure has some of the highest margins! 

When you can easily find low cost, very high profit “niche books” at Thrift Stores, Book Sales and Garage & Yard Sales, you will learn to love the bookselling niche.  

You Can Easily Add This Business Model To What You Are Already Doing Now

If you are already an Amazon FBA seller, it would be effortless for you to add niche books to your inventory.   I'm not saying you need to stop doing things like retail arbitrage…I'm saying you can just add some high-profit books to supplement what you've got going already!

If you could spend $10 on books and then flip them on Amazon for over $100 in profit, would that be something that you turned your nose to?  I bet not!

As Amazon sellers, we are into MAKING MONEY in whatever way works. 

Ready To Dive Into Niche Book Profits?!?

Get Started Sourcing Niche Books Today

Grab your copy of Niche Book Profits today and let us guide you through the process of passing by the majority of books and focusing on the profitable niches!

Still Have Some Questions?

Let's go over some of the common questions we get about niche book sourcing

Frequently Asked Questions

The main strategies used for niche book sourcing are thrift stores, used book sales and yard sales.  Anywhere used books can be found.  

When people are bulk buyers, they often price their books for a $.01 and then charge a shipping fee.  Getting a small amount of profit from there.

I don't recommend this.  I recommend focusing on books with higher sales value so you can make more profit and sell less books.

Although I would LOVE to work with each and every one of you directly, I just can't do that.  Otherwise my family would resent my business and I don't want that ;)

If you MUST HAVE that one on one support, you can get access to me through coaching sessions purchased separately.

We have a very generous 30 day, no questions asked guarantee.  In order to receive a refund, we just ask that you email [email protected] and we will promptly refund your purchase.

Getting To Know Jessica Larrew

Ok, so at this point you know exactly what the Niche Book Profits eBook can teach you, right?

But, I'm sure you are wondering, who is teaching me all of this information and why should I trust them?  I get it and yay for you for even caring!

I'd like to take this chance to introduce myself!  My name is Jessica Larrew and I am the creator of the Niche Book Profits course as well as many other Amazon seller trainings.

Below is a picture of myself, my husband Cliff and our son Aiden (he's much bigger now, but I love this picture none the less).

My Amazon FBA Journey Started In 2010

Although that isn't exactly where my entrepreneur journey started.  You see, I had been dabling with ways to make money online since before that.  But, it was in 2008 when I was laid off from my job (just like so many others during that time) that I decided to take my hobby of making money online and turn it into a full time gig.

First, I started with eBay.  I was doing ok with it as a side hustle when I had a job, so that was my first 'full time' online experience.  And, I was making pretty good money doing it.

But, there was one problem.  In order to make MORE money, I would need to work even MORE hours!  And I just didn't have more hours I wanted to give.  I didn't want to spend all of my time working.  I wanted freedom...

I started scouring the internet to find ways that I could make more money without working 80 hours a week (heck, I didn't even want to work 40 hours a week honestly).

Amazon FBA Is What Changed It All

That is when I came across the Amazon FBA program.  It was very similar to what I was doing on eBay (buying low and selling high) with two MAJOR differences.

  1. When selling on Amazon, everyone uses the same product pages.  So I no longer needed to create my own pages for each product I wanted to sell.
  2. Amazon was able to store all of the products for me and ship them to the customer after they sold. 

WHOA!  Game changer!  This meant I could spend MORE time sourcing products and LESS time listing / shipping them.  This is exactly what I had been looking for.

Cliff Wanted In Too

After I had figured out the Amazon FBA system, I was making about the same as Cliff was...But I was working way less!  

Since he hated his job, we decided to take a big leap of faith.  He quit his job and we started selling on Amazon together.

The very first year that we were selling together 'full-time' we sold almost $300,000 worth of products and made over $100,000 in PROFIT!  Our life was changing for the better.  

Not only did we have more MONEY, we had more time to spend with each other and our son Aiden who was just a little guy at the time. 

People Wanted To Know HOW It Was Possible

When I was selling by myself, people that it was "cute"...When Cliff quit his job to sell stuff online, they thought we were CRAZY!  

But, once people could see it was actually working and we were happier than ever, they wanted to know HOW.  

How could they experience this same freedom in their own lives?!?  

And that, is how The Selling Family was born.  I started to share with people exactly what we were doing and how they could do it too.  Since then, we have worked with over 20,000 students through our many courses and have seen many lives changed.  

We believe in keeping family first, even if that means keeping our business 'small'.  Our goal for our students is the same.  We want you to be able to provide for your family and have the time and freedom to enjoy life with them!

Niche Book Profits is just one of the ways I get to share this journey with you and I can't wait to hear about how it impacts your business.


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