The Secret To How We Get 10x Profit Margins

Liquidation Gold spills the beans on how we are able to get unheard of margins in our Amazon FBA business! 


While Many Amazon FBA Sellers Are Getting 15-30% ROI, We Are Often Getting 100-500% ROI

This course was created to share the strategies behind our super high margins and minimal working hours.

What would you think if I told you that Chili Powder paid our entire rent bill for over 6 MONTHS?  I have a feeling you would think I was lying or that my rent must've only been a couple hundred dollars...Right?

Well, the truth is, our rent was actually $1,500 a month and we sold 2,767 bottles of Chili Powder for a profit of $9,584.  This all took place over the course of about a year.  A lot of people would look at something like this a scoff at it because it took "so long" to sell.  But to us, it meant we were able to do most of the work up front and then reap the benefits for months and months to come!

Oh, and guess what...our total cost was around $2500.  So, you tell me.  Would you invest $2500 to get a return of $9,584 in a years time?  I'm not sure of any stocks that can make that happen...Even in a good year.

Our secret to finding scores like that Chili Powder is buying from stores that most other sellers pass by.  We LOVE shopping at discount stores and liquidation stores.  Other sellers tell us they can't find 'anything' profitable, or that 'everything' is expired!

And the truth is...A LOT of stuff is expired and A LOT of stuff isn't profitable.  But, we are looking for those few items that are extremely profitable.

I mean lets face it.  Not everything in a retail store is profitable either.  No matter what type of sourcing we are doing for our Amazon businesses, we have to dig deep and look for those 1% of products that can be resold for a profit on Amazon.

The old saying goes "If it was easy, everyone would do it."

It's time for you to decide if you would like to agree with the masses that liquidation and discount stores are not viable for Amazon sellers, or, you can get this guide and learn the strategies that have made the biggest impact on our business over the last 10 years!

Let's See If Any Of This Sounds Familiar

If you have thought about sourcing inventory from liquidation stores you probably find yourself in some of the scenarios below.


  1. Stuck trying to find stores that have profitable products at deep discounts.  Since they don't advertise, what should you do?
  2. Overwhelmed by the thought of getting stufck with loads of unsellable inventory.  Because so and so bought a pallet from an online liquidation site and never even broke even!
  3. Unsure of where to focus in a store when everything is discounted and can be considered 'fair game'.
  4. Giving up on the idea of working part time hours and making full time income.


  1. Desire to make bulk purchase of Amazon inventory so that you can work less hours without having your income drop because you haven't been sourcing in awhile.
  2. Have local discount stores and need help navigating them to find the golden nuggets of inventory.
  3. Enjoy digging through loads of products and don't give up easily when you don't find the gold in the first aisle.
  4. Want bigger profit margins on products that have lower initial purchase prices.

If you were sitting there nodding your head saying "YES, that's ME!" then Liquidation Gold Is For You!

Here’s What You'll Get With This Course

In the Liquidation Gold course I'll share my best strategies for making the most of liquidation sourcing.

  • 26 lessons full of our strategies to make the most of your next liquidation store visit!  No more walking in and then right back out because of all of the overwhelm!   This guide is written in an easy to read format and takes you through the decision making process of getting the best inventory possible.
  • Lots of examples of items we have sold in the past from Liquidation and Discount stores.
  • Our best tips for finding liquidation stores near you.  
  • Strategies for deciding how much of each item you should buy.  And knowing when to go all in vs testing first.
  • Our quick research tips to help you determine if an item is really hard to find and why.
  • Key things you need to watch out for when dealing with liquidation and discount stores for your Amazon business.
  • How to build relationships with store owners and employees so that they will be begging you to come back in and clear there shelves!
  • An inside look at our most profitable categories and what to watch out for in them.

Liquidation Gold Makes Sourcing Liquidation Easy!

But, don't just take our word for it. See what some of our past students have to say about this course.

"I had a working knowledge of how selling on Amazon worked but it was this book that showed me how to get huge returns on my investment dollars! Since that time I have purchased every product you have released and have applied your suggestions to the benefit of my bottom line. Please continue to share your experiences and knowledge as I for one can assure you that you are changing peoples lives for the better."

Michael Flanagan

"I was very excited to read about how you do liquidation sourcing! The book is easy to understand, thorough and well written. I can’t wait to start finding liquidation sources and if I am half as successful as you have become I’ll be happy."


"With Jessica’s tips, I have been able to find a liquidation store 20 miles from my home that I would not have otherwise known existed. This course is packed with tips to help source and buy using her proven methods in an easy to read format."


"I just finished going through your Liquidation Gold ebook. I love it! I love how thorough you were in explaining the different categories and how you made the decisions you made when it came to purchasing product."


"Great course, Jessica! I’ve done liquidation loads (pallets by the truckload) before but this totally opened my eyes to another way I never would have thought of that is much easier without all the hassles we used to go through. Thanks for sharing!"


You Also Get Access To This Exclusive Bonus

This bonus will help you keep track of those important expiration dates!


Printable Expiration Date Tracker

When you buy Liquidation Gold today, you will receive our custom expiration date tracker.  This will help you easily know what you have at the Amazon warehouse and when they expire so that you know when to start marking them down to reduce your 'expired' unsellable inventory.

Get Started Sourcing Liquidation Today

Grab your copy of Liquidation Gold today and let us guide you through the process of increasing your average ROI and profit margin. Soon, you will be sharing your own stories of crazy high margins and low competition!

Not Quite Sure Liquidation Sourcing Is For You?

Let's go over some of the common questions we get about liquidation sourcing.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Liquidation Gold guide I get to share with you the strategies that we use to navigate and source inside of liquidation and discount stores.  When we talk about “Liquidation” we mean both mom and pop one of a kind stores, and places like Big Lots, Grocery Outlet and TJMaxx.  Any place where you can buy products that were once in mainstream retail stores.  These products are moved out of places like Target, CVS & Costco.  

The manufacturers send them to discount stores and liquidation centers.  Once they make it back to the market they are discounted so you can buy them cheaper than they were when they were at the main stores.  These strategies work for the chain stores mentioned above and the one of a kind non chain stores.  The one of a kind stores are harder for many people to locate, just know that if you can't find one, you can use what you learn here at Grocery Outlet and Big Lots too.  We get major scores from the chain stores as well.  

It's important to note that we are NOT talking about buying from online “liquidators” or buying pallets and having them shipped to  you.  The strategies that we use are all done in person where we inspect the products before purchasing.

Liquidation is quite a bit different than buying from mainstream retail stores.  First of all, all of the products are discounted, so you don't need to focus on just “clearance” or sale prices.  The whole store is your “oyster”.  That's why we have written this guide, to share with you how we have been able to navigate these stores and come up with systems for choosing the most profitable items to purchase.

Many Amazon sellers are quietly making a boat load of money purchasing discounted products and reselling them on Amazon.  Sellers who are savvy enough to stick it out and find the gold hidden in these stores never look back!  Who would want to go back to 30% margins, when we often see 100%+.  We've personally sold items (and shared them in the guide) that made over 1,000% ROI.

Although I would LOVE to work with each and every one of you directly, I just can't do that.  Otherwise my family would resent my business and I don't want that ;)


If you MUST HAVE that one on one support, you can get access to me through coaching sessions purchased separately.

We have a very generous 30 day, no questions asked guarantee.  In order to receive a refund, we just ask that you email [email protected] and we will promptly refund your purchase.

Getting To Know Jessica Larrew

Ok, so at this point you know exactly what the Liquidation Gold course can teach you, right?

But, I'm sure you are wondering, who is teaching me all of this information and why should I trust them?  I get it and yay for you for even caring!

I'd like to take this chance to introduce myself!  My name is Jessica Larrew and I am the creator of the Liquidation Gold course as well as many other Amazon seller trainings.

Below is a picture of myself, my husband Cliff and our son Aiden (he's much bigger now, but I love this picture none the less).

My Amazon FBA Journey Started In 2010

Although that isn't exactly where my entrepreneur journey started.  You see, I had been dabling with ways to make money online since before that.  But, it was in 2008 when I was laid off from my job (just like so many others during that time) that I decided to take my hobby of making money online and turn it into a full time gig.

First, I started with eBay.  I was doing ok with it as a side hustle when I had a job, so that was my first 'full time' online experience.  And, I was making pretty good money doing it.

But, there was one problem.  In order to make MORE money, I would need to work even MORE hours!  And I just didn't have more hours I wanted to give.  I didn't want to spend all of my time working.  I wanted freedom...

I started scouring the internet to find ways that I could make more money without working 80 hours a week (heck, I didn't even want to work 40 hours a week honestly).

Amazon FBA Is What Changed It All

That is when I came across the Amazon FBA program.  It was very similar to what I was doing on eBay (buying low and selling high) with two MAJOR differences.

  1. When selling on Amazon, everyone uses the same product pages.  So I no longer needed to create my own pages for each product I wanted to sell.
  2. Amazon was able to store all of the products for me and ship them to the customer after they sold. 

WHOA!  Game changer!  This meant I could spend MORE time sourcing products and LESS time listing / shipping them.  This is exactly what I had been looking for.

Cliff Wanted In Too

After I had figured out the Amazon FBA system, I was making about the same as Cliff was...But I was working way less!  

Since he hated his job, we decided to take a big leap of faith.  He quit his job and we started selling on Amazon together.

The very first year that we were selling together 'full-time' we sold almost $300,000 worth of products and made over $100,000 in PROFIT!  Our life was changing for the better.  

Not only did we have more MONEY, we had more time to spend with each other and our son Aiden who was just a little guy at the time. 

People Wanted To Know HOW It Was Possible

When I was selling by myself, people that it was "cute"...When Cliff quit his job to sell stuff online, they thought we were CRAZY!  

But, once people could see it was actually working and we were happier than ever, they wanted to know HOW.  

How could they experience this same freedom in their own lives?!?  

And that, is how The Selling Family was born.  I started to share with people exactly what we were doing and how they could do it too.  Since then, we have worked with over 20,000 students through our many courses and have seen many lives changed.  

We believe in keeping family first, even if that means keeping our business 'small'.  Our goal for our students is the same.  We want you to be able to provide for your family and have the time and freedom to enjoy life with them!

Liquidation Gold is one of the ways I get to share this journey with you and I can't wait to hear about how it impacts your business.

Get Started Sourcing Liquidation Today

Grab your copy of Liquidation Gold today and let us guide you through the process of increasing your average ROI and profit margin. Soon, you will be sharing your own stories of crazy high margins and low competition!


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