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No more wandering around the store aimlessly.  It's time to walk in with confidence and know exactly what types of things are worth scanning.

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In this guide, Eleanor shares her years of experience selling Disney Store products. You'll know exactly what types of items to check out and which ones to avoid! 

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Here's The Problem

Every time you go into the Disney Store to source inventory, you get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products available and the seemingly high prices...How could you ever find profitable items?!?

The truth is, Disney Store prices ARE typically HIGHER than what we would look for as Amazon resellers!

And let's be totally honest, they even sell on Amazon directly with their own FBA store...

But, let me fill you in on a secret.  If you know when to shop at the Disney Store and what types of items get the highest ROI on Amazon, you can find profitable things to sell.

Amazon sellers have been voicing their frustration about Disney products for years, and all the while, Eleanor has been cashing in!

And Now She's Spilling The Pixie Dust

I've convinced Eleanor it's time to spread the Pixie Dust and show sellers just how to source from the Disney Store!


Eleanor's love for all things Disney started when she was just a kid going to Disneyland and shopping at the Disney Store with her parents. 

As a buyer, she loves the high quality of Disney Store items and loves that you can pass their items down to future generations.

It's this love for Disney that lead her to source at Disney Stores to begin with!

She knew that people who are Disney enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium to get exactly the right products they are looking for.

Here are just some of the things you will take away after reading this guide:

  • The best times of the year and the best sales to shop the Disney Store
  • Ways you can get extra discounts on your everyday purchases
  • Eleanor's most profitable categories and niches that most sellers are ignoring completely
  • How to build relationships with employees that keep you ahead of the competition
  • Lots of examples of products that have sold for nice ROIs so you can learn from them
  • Q4 tips from years of sourcing Disney during the holiday seasons
  • And more

With 70 pages, this guide is sure to include something for everyone!

At a low price of just $48, it really only takes one sourcing trip at the Disney Store to make your money back (and if you don't we are happy to provide you with a no questions asked refund).


Here's What Other's Are Saying About Disney Store Profits

Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"Before taking this course I never really put much thought into selling Disney products other than the occasional Frozen toy or Star Wars figure. After taking this course though I have definitely learned so much about selling Disney products other than toys. From holiday ornaments to pins or even simple items such as Disney mugs. My knowledge has truly expanded beyond what I thought was capable with Disney products. If you are interested in selling Disney toys or just want to expand your knowledge beyond just toys this is the place to start. Trust me you will not be disappointed."

Oscar, Amazon Seller

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"This was absolutely amazing.  Very informative, educational for Amazon sellers on Disney and non-Disney items (many tactics could be applied for non-Disney items), and an easy read."

Maleeka, Amazon Seller

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"I loved, loved, loved the guide.  I cannot wait to go back to the Disney store with all my new knowledge."

Tiy, Amazon Seller

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"There are tons of tips in here. She [Eleanor] has opened up and shared lots of specific details and lots of personal experiences. One thing she does is share both her successes and a couple of times she made some mistakes which will help you to make sure you don't make those mistakes yourself."

Daniel, Amazon Seller

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"This review [guide] opens up a whole new world of sourcing for an established amazon seller. The hints and tips included are things I definitely knew about but had never thought to use them in the Disney store before! Very well written full of golden nuggets."

Kathryn, Amazon Seller

Ready To Add Some Disney Magic To Your Amazon Store?

You'll get instant access to the Disney Store Profits eBook when you buy today.

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Ready To Add Some Disney Magic To Your Amazon Store?

You'll get instant access to the Disney Store Profits eBook when you buy it today.

Yours Today For Just $48

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