Attn: Amazon Sellers Who Are Tired Of Passing On Profitable Inventory Because It Is Restricted...

There is nothing more frustrating than scanning a super-profitable item in the store only to realize you are gated in that category or brand, am I right?

So you end up wondering, what are you doing wrong? 

You can see there are other sellers on the listing, so why can they sell these restricted products and you can't?

The Answer Is Actually Quite Simple. They Have Figured Out Exactly How To Get Amazon To Say YES To Them

Sure, they may have had to jump through some hoops and get some documentation in order...But, I guarantee it was worth it!

Because once you are approved to sell in a restricted category or brand, you now have the advantage.

You now get to sell those desirable products that others are still seeing "RESTRICTED" on.

Want me to show you exactly what you need to do so YOU can get access to the 3 Most Desired Restricted Categories and over 20 Popular Name Brands?

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Yes, I Need This!

Here's the deal, there are a couple of different things at play when you see an item is RESTRICTED and you can't sell it on Amazon.

The item may be restricted because of the CATEGORY that it is in.  Or, the category may be unrestricted, but it's in a restricted SUB-CATEGORY. Yeah, I know...confusing.

The other thing, the product may be gated to you because of the brand it is.

So, there are 3 possible reasons you may not be able to sell that highly profitable widget you just scanned.

The good news is, the process for being allowed to sell the item is basically the same no matter which of the 3 reasons you can't sell it.

Let's Dig A Little Deeper Into The Category Issue

Amazon says that some of their categories are open to all sellers...But, then they restricted them because of a sub-category. So, you think you can sell Beauty products, but find out all of the ones you want to sell are nestled into a restricted sub-category.

Frustrating I know!

Main Categories:

✔️ Baby

✔️ Beauty

❌ Grocery & Gourmet Foods

✔️ Health & Personal Care

✔️ Toys




❌ Baby Diapering

❌ Baby Topicals

❌ Feminine Hygiene

❌ OTC Medication

❌ Topicals

❌ Toys (which we refer to as "Other Toys")

How Would You Feel If All Of those ❌ Turned Into ✔️?

You are in the right place because I've figured out exactly what Amazon needs and where you can get it so that you can make it happen.


Here's What You'll Get When You Say YES To The Category Ungating Training Today

🔥 Access to multiple legit wholesalers who can provide you with the documentation Amazon requires

🔥 Step-by-step videos to sign up for your wholesale accounts with ease

🔥 Confidence to place orders that have the right type of items and quantities so your invoices get approved everytime

🔥 Directions on how to prepare your invoices for submission so Amazon has everything they need from you

🔥 Ways to navigate your appeal if Amazon says no to your application

🔥 BONUS - You'll also get access to our exclusive ungating spreadsheet where we've matched up more than 20 name brands and products you can use to get ungated in them. 

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Real Quick...Before You Hit That Sign Up Button

There are a few pre-requisites that we need to get out of the way so I can guarantee you get the biggest benefits possible from taking this course.

🎯 2 of the 3 wholesalers we recommend require that you have a resale certificate from your state, if you live in a sales tax state. If not, you can still get ungated in Topicals and Groceries, just not as many of the brands.

🎯 Those same wholesalers will require an EIN if you are not a sole proprietor (if you aren't a business entity, you are a sole proprietor)

🎯 Some funds available for purchasing your ungating products. You'll need to buy 10 of an item for each category/brand you want to get ungated in. You can go as fast or as slow as you'd like. We've found each category takes at least $50 to buy enough products (sometimes more sometimes less).

Got these things in order and ready to roll? Great! Me too...

Let's Get You Ungated ASAP

When you say yes to this Category Ungating Training you'll get instant access to the full training and can start placing orders as quickly as today!

This Training is Yours Today For Just $300

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Ready To Get Started, But Not Sure Who I Am Or Why You Should Trust That I Know What The Heck I'm Talking About?

Hey, I get it! I'd be asking the SAME thing...

These days it seems like everyone is an 'Amazon Expert'...Even if they've only been selling on Amazon for 3 months and haven't taken any actual profit from their so-called business.

They simply threw a bunch of money at products and got some impressive sales numbers, so now they are trying to convince you that all you need to do is sign up for their coaching program and software they use (or created) and you'll be rolling in the big sales numbers too.

But, the moment you ask them how much they've made in profit or how much their course/coaching/tool actually costs, they ghost you or send you to a sales call...YUCK.

The thing is, I've been making money selling stuff on Amazon since 2008 and still have some products listed their today.

My husband, Cliff, (that handsome guy over to the right) was able to quit the job he loathed and work alongside me after just 2 short years of me selling on Amazon.

And when he did that, guess what, we had to take a profit EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Because we needed the money to pay our bills...

Since 2012 I've been helping others bring in much-needed money for their families and my students generate anywhere from $500 a month to $10,000 a month in actual profit. 

I've helped countless moms quit their jobs for good, pay for new cars, and take their family on dream vacations...All while building a business their kids can help in and be proud of mom for.

I not only help people like you get started with their Amazon businesses, I help them when they get stuck in touch situations, like being restricted or needing to know how to source in special situations.

When I tell you that you are in good hands, I mean it.

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Got Some Things To Clear Up Before Going All In? No Worries...

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Let's Get You Ungated ASAP

When you say yes to the this Category Ungating Training you'll get instant access to the full training and can start placing orders as quickly as today!

This Training is Yours Today For Just $300

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