Are You Looking For A Way To Successfully Navigate Black Friday?

Our Black Friday Sourcing Spreadsheets and Masterclass Are What Amazon Sellers Have Been Looking For!


Black Friday can be a very profitable AND very overwhelming time for Amazon sellers.  

Not only do you need to navigate your own inventory that is already at Amazon, you need to source inventory at rock bottom prices so that you can resell it in your Amazon store.

Many of the seasons most popular items will actually be RELEASED on Black Friday and some of the things that are impossible to find for weeks before will all of a sudden have stock available again!  It is a great time for stocking up on inventory.

But many sellers have no idea how to best navigate stores during Black Friday.  The crowds are unbearable and with everything on sale, how do you know what to focus on ?

It's not like you can be scanning IN STORE...Right?

We have many years of Black Friday sourcing experience and are ready to help you be ready to make the most out of this season.

Black Friday Sourcing Master Class!

This year we are offering a very special Black Friday Sourcing Master Class.  We will spend about 2 hours together going over the best strategies for making the most of Black Friday Sourcing.

By the end of the live training, you will be able to confidently walk into the stores of your choice, with a plan and get in and out quickly with a basket full of profitable inventory!

In this master class we will cover things like:

  • How to decide which stores to go to first and which stores to skip
  • How to get in and out of stores quickly and efficiently
  • What we do to plan ahead, before Black Friday even arrives
  • When we prefer to merchant fulfill instead of send items to FBA
  • Our plan of attack once items are shipped to Amazon
  • Ways to handle fluctuating prices
  • So much more
  • PLUS - Plenty of time for your Black Friday questions!

If this is your first time sourcing inventory for Black Friday, you don't want to miss this live class.  If you can't attend live, you will receive a recording as well.

This Masterclass Has Now Been Done Live And You Can Get Immediate Access To The Recording

As an added way to help you prepare for Black Friday, we have our Black Friday Ad Spreadsheets available again this year.


Kohls Black Friday Ad 2017


Kohls Black Friday Ad in A Spreadsheet For Amazon Sellers

One of the many ways that Amazon FBA sellers get inventory is by sourcing at major retail stores on Black Friday / Black Friday weekend.

But, it can be quite the job to go through the piles of Black Friday ads that come in the newspaper on Thanksgiving!

It's a good thing that many of the stores release their ads ahead of time.  That way there is more time to prep.

Even then though, you have to go through each ad, item by item, to see what they are each selling for on

So here's the good news…

The Selling Family team does this all for you!

We take 3-5 of the major store's ads and condense them down into easy to read and use spreadsheets that tell you all the information you need to make good buying decisions.

Here is a snapshot of information we pulled from the Kohl's ad last year:

Kohls Ad Example In Spreadsheet Format For Amazon FBA Sellers

As you can see, we include the following information for each product in the ad (that meets certain criteria):

  • Page #
  • Image
  • ASIN
  • Title
  • Store Link
  • Amazon Link
  • Price at Store
  • Buy Box Price (or low price)
  • Who controls the buy box (Amazon, FBA or MF)
  • 90-Day Average Sales Rank
  • Profit
  • ROI
  • Rank
  • 90-Day Average Rank
  • Category
  • Restriction Notification / IP Alerts
  • Notes From The Store
  • Jessica's Picks / Personal Notes

"My husband and I absolutely loved your Q4 coaching/mastermind group Jessica! It was our first Q4 and your training really gave us the direction and support we needed. The Black Friday Spreadsheets were key in helping us source products that would sell well."

Cindy A

"OMGOSHHHHHH!!!!!!! I just downloaded my list, it is HUGE. It would have taken me five years to do what they did. THANK YOU!"


Are These Black Friday Resources For You?

I Have a feeling you already know that you would like to have access to a masterclass and list like this, but here are some things to help you know if it is a good fit for you!

  • You are an Amazon seller with experience doing Retail Arbitrage
  • You are able to evaluate a product and determine if it is a good fit for your Amazon business
  • You are looking for a way to speed up your Black Friday sourcing so you can focus on other things (like Turkey and family?!?)
  • You plan to be sourcing on either Black Friday or Black Friday weekend.  (In store or online)
It's A Good Fit, Sign Me Up!

Here's A Quick Rundown Of How Our Black Friday Spreadsheet Works

Our Black Friday spreadsheets should not be confused with a Black Friday 'sourcing' list.  Our intention in creating this list is to make it so you can easily evaluate a bunch of products quickly.  We don't take items off of the list because they are not profitable.  

We are showing you how the products are performing right now.  Even when something isn't profitable right now, you may still choose to pursue it if something stands out to you!

As we go through the ads, we are looking for items that are easily shipped to Amazon.  This means we are skipping the huge items like TV's, bedding sets, luggage, furniture, etc.

Our main focus for the spreadsheets are household goods, toys and gift items.

You Will Be Ready To Make Educated Buying Decisions

Like I mentioned above, we are NOT telling you exactly WHAT to buy.  We are helping you decide for yourself.  

If we can't find an Amazon listing, we still leave the item on the spreadsheet so you can do further research.  If the item has a negative profit, we leave it for you to see.

We aren't removing items we don't think are good, and leaving the best ones.

Every Amazon seller has their own business model.

Our goal is to save you as much time as possible when planning your Black Friday Attack!

Stores Included

Our main stores this year are Target, Walmart and Kohl's.  We will also be including items from Kmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Lowes.

Top Picks With Jessica's Notes

After all of the data has been compiled, Jessica will go through the list and mark some of the items as "Top Picks".  These are the items that are currently profitable and worth taking a second look at.

Some items will be marked as good to merchant fulfill as well. 

These will be added on a separate tab of the spreadsheet so if you are short on time you can check them out first.

Spreadsheets Limited To 250 Spots Only

Selling Out Quickly!

Spreadsheets & Masterclass Are Now Available For Immediate Access

Choose Your Black Friday Option Now

We are happy to help you master Black Friday in any way we can! Please select the option below that covers exactly what you are looking for this year.



Live Masterclass Training (RECORDING)

Q&A Session

Recording of Live Session





 Live Masterclass Training (RECORDING)

Q&A Session

 Recording of Live Session

Instant Access To BF Spreadsheets

 Jessica's Top Picks





 Instant Access To Black Friday Spreadsheets

 Jessica's Top Picks



Still Not Quite Sure This Is For You?

Let's go over some of the common questions we get about the Black Friday list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh man, if I had a crystal ball!  Here's the thing with these lists...We have NO IDEA what is going to be profitable on the list until we start digging into them.  

At this point, the ads have not even been released yet so we can't even take a guess...Just being totally honest!

Our goal is to save you hours upon hours of research time and my team and I will do it for you instead (trust me, there are over 30 man hours that go into this thing every year!).

We will provide you with as many profitable items as the ads we scour allow!

It's really hard to say how many items on the list will be restricted to any one person.  

The good news is that this list is going to save you a bunch of time from having to go through each item individually on your own.

There are a lot of products that come out ON Black Friday, so we still add them to the list so that you can see items that may end up listed on Amazon later.  

Also, a lot of items that are not currently matched could be good items to consider listing yourself.

Ah, the elephant in the room – I’m so happy you asked!  The main reason we show you ALL of the items we can find in the ads is so that you get to determine what is worth buying or not.

The items marked as top picks are going to be the ones that get the most attention and have more sellers going after them, but that all should be considered in your buying/selling strategy.


The main focus for stores during Black Friday is in store deals, but, there are a lot of deals that can be found ONLINE too.   We will be sure to mark the online specials in the list so you can easily pick them out.

Due to the nature of this offer, we are not able to offer refunds on purchases.  We limit the number of spreadsheets that we sell, so it is unfair for us to sell one of the spots and then resell it if someone refunds.


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