Finally! A printable planner for Amazon sellers...

That helps you focus on your business goals and stay organized all year long

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Does keeping your Amazon business organized feel like a full-time job?

Between sourcing for inventory, printing labels, and hauling your boxes (plus kids) to UPS, the daily logistics of running an Amazon business can get seriously overwhelming.

The busier you get, the easier it is to forget about your business systems. Which, if you’re being totally honest, weren’t really systems as much as a series of spreadsheets, notebooks, apps, and scraps of paper.

And when you’re stuck with all that paper (and mental) clutter, you’ll notice that little business accidents start happening.

It can start small like an unexpected Long Term Storage Fee because you forgot to recall inventory on the 14th.

Then there’s a bigger unexpected surprise at tax time when you realize you can’t deduct your mileage because you weren’t tracking properly (that’s like waving goodbye to a few thousand dollars!).

And at the end of the year when everyone else is reflecting on their goals and posting about their Q4 wins on Facebook…

You’re staring at a half-blank spreadsheet wondering, “How can I hit my goals when I didn’t even set any?”

In business, there’s a saying that goes “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”

In other words, if you’re not tracking your goals, progress, and numbers, how can you expect your business to grow?

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, you can’t. But here’s some good news…

You can track your Amazon growth without having to learn a complicated system or shell out big bucks on yet another monthly software subscription.

You just need a simple organization system that you’ll actually stick with that makes sense for the unique needs of Amazon sellers.

Introducing The Amazon Seller’s Planner

A printable planner designed for Amazon sellers who want to get organized, stay focused, and watch their business soar.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried to make “regular” planners work for your busy life and complex Amazon business (đź‘‹ Bullet Journal dropout here!).

And it’s worked out about as well as peeling off an Ollie’s price tag with your thumbnail (AKA a total disaster!!)

Digital calendars and iPhone apps aren’t much better. Even though I’m a total tech person, my planner has to be on paper.

After years of trying to make random Entrepreneur Planners and Mommy Planners work for my business, I realized I needed a planner just for Amazon sellers.

So I joined forces with two of my rockstar Amazon Boot Camp students Karin & Kelly to create The Amazon Seller’s Planner.

This planner is so much more than a simple calendar. It’s the one place where you can track everything that matters in your Amazon business.

It will help you organize your business, measure your progress, and hit your goals all year long…

Even if you’re not a naturally organized person and you hate spending time on the “boring” parts of your business.

A Planner You'll Actually WANT To Use

Whether you’re an Excel addict or you organize your life with sticky notes, you’ve got to find a consistent way to keep tabs on your growing Amazon business. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if you had one convenient place to keep track of all those Amazon-imposed deadlines. We can help you organize your entire Amazon business in one delightfully old school paper planner.

This Planner Is Right For You If...

  • Wrote “get more organized” at the top of your resolutions list every year since 2009...
  • Set up various Excel spreadsheets to track your data, but still can’t answer basic questions like “Did I meet my quarterly revenue goal?”
  • Tried a Bullet Journal, Passion Planner, and Calendar app all in the same year...and none of them helped you grow your Amazon business at all!
  • Want to have an at-a-glance way to check up on the health of your business in ONE place
Yes! I Need This To Get Organized!

"The Amazon Seller's Planner is a fantastic tool that is full of useful tips and tricks as well as many other planning methods that will help those who own an Amazon Retail business stay on top of their business. The introduction is very thorough and explains in detail how to use the planner. It is easy to follow and will help business owners plan ahead, stay (or become) organized, and tackles many of the simple things that some business owners might take for granted. Utilizing a tool like this will save time and some potential headaches which will allow you to focus on growing your business. I would definitely recommend a tool such as this one to other Amazon Retail business owners."

Andy S

"This planner is PHENOMENAL! I am a hands-on, paper-loving person. I have a calendar in my office and so many sticky notes and notebooks as I run my business. NOW, with the planner, all I need is in one place! I am so excited to start using this TODAY. SO many details were included, even ones I hadn't considered! I'm getting helpful hints and now I don't feel like I'm wandering through this process *hoping* I don't forget anything as I go. Great resource!"

Sarah S

"If you're struggling to find a rhythm or focus in your Amazon business, The Amazon Seller's Planner will help guide you and keep you on track for the major functions that need to be happening in your business so they don't slip through the cracks. If tax time is painful or you're not really sure exactly how- or if- your business is growing the planner can help with these problems. The guided tasks create an easy to follow path for the week-to-week and add up to giving a quarterly and yearly summary that provide much needed prospective ."

Ryan P

"This is it! This is the planner that every Amazon seller needs! I consider myself an organizing whiz and have made more checklists and schedules than any person really needs. Having this planner would have saved me hours of work!"

Jessica D

"This is a great idea! Perfect way to stay organized and not forgot important tasks to be done. Also, saving time at end of year trying to recompile all the info. I will be using this for my business."

Tina P

"This planner is a must have for both new Amazon sellers as well as more seasoned sellers. It provides the tools you need to keep your business organized as well as providing focus for helping you meet new goals and grow your business. I appreciated the tips, reminders and suggested tasks. While I have previously tried to track some of the information found in the planner, having it all in one place is going to save me so much time and frustration."

Kristen D

Here's What You Get When You Buy The Amazon Seller's Planner Today

When you download this printable PDF planner, you’re getting more than a calendar grid and blank pages that you never use (or that your son ends up doodling on...just me??)

The nearly 250-page Amazon Seller’s Planner includes all of the planner essentials….

  • 12 Monthly Intro Pages that provide an overview of your goals and offer Amazon-specific business brainstorming ideas
  • 12 Monthly Task Lists that give you just the right amount of space to track the recurring tasks that you know you should be tackling each month to stay organized and focused
  • 12 Monthly Calendar Grids for an at-a-glance look at major holidays and key Amazon dates (with room to add your own internal deadlines and notes)
  • Weekly Planner pages for a streamlined way to schedule your week and keep your business moving forward (like deciding when you’re actually going to take a morning to reprice your inventory)
  • To-Do List Templates for jotting down your ever-growing to-do list (it’s easier than texting yourself reminders!)

Plus these extras that all Amazon sellers need…

  • Monthly Receipt Tracker and a whole system for keeping your messy RA receipts organized
  • Expiration Date Tracker for monitoring your expiration-dated inventory
  • Monthly Mileage Logs so that you can finally take this valuable deduction on your income taxes
  • Yearly Mileage Log so that you have one neat page to hand off to your CPA
  • Monthly Return Template to track customer refunds & returns and make sure you’re actually getting your money back within 45 days
  • Tips, tips, and more tips about Amazon reports, seasonal sourcing opportunities, and repricing strategies

And then there’s the stuff that really moves the needle…

  • Monthly Growth Goals Tracker - This is how you’ll know whether you’re on track to hit your annual goals. There’s room to write down your Spending Goals, Sales Goals, Profit Goals, and ROI Goals. (If you’ve never set Spending Goals before, your whole business could change just by adding this one thing)
  • Month In Review Pages - Here’s where things get real. These pages prompt you to think back on how the month went so that you can see what went well (and what cost you too much time, money, or stress). Then you can analyze and adjust as needed.
  • Quarterly Growth Goals Tracker - The simplest way to track your progress throughout the year.
  • Yearly Profit Tracker - Take all those numbers from your monthly tracker and jot them down here. You’ll finally be able to check your annual revenue numbers on just ONE sheet of paper.

Oh yeah, and you’ll get future releases of the yearly planner for free!

Grow Your Amazon Business & Organize Your Life

Grab your copy of The Amazon Seller’s Planner today and we’ll help you create a roadmap for a profitable year of selling on Amazon.

Not convinced you need The Amazon Seller’s Planner?

I get it. I literally spent years buying planners that were more frustrating than helpful.

And after a few months of trying, they’d just become places where I scribbled down random to-do items (or even my grocery list!).

In other words, they were not helping me grow my business!

But this right here? This is different.

I know that this is the only printable planner designed by successful Amazon sellers to give you all the tools you need to run an organized reselling business.

The Amazon Seller’s Planner is full of unique content that’s all focused on one big picture goal: growing a profitable Amazon business.

We also sprinkled in plenty of tips, strategies, and reminders throughout the planner, so you just might learn a thing or two along the way!

It’s not too late to get your business back on track

The Amazon reselling world is full of shiny objects.

So even if you had good intentions to get organized, it’s no surprise that the next new software tool or business model pulled you in a different direction.

That’s why The Amazon Seller’s Planner is all about getting you focused and keeping you focused on the exact tasks that make an actual difference in your business.

When you feel the pressure of your busy schedule pulling you in different directions, just return to the Planner to get back on track.

That means you’re free to focus on the things that absolutely, positively need to get done (and you can leave the distractions behind).

Have questions about our Planner?

Here are some of the most common questions people ask us before buying The Amazon Seller’s Planner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although this Planner does contain educational tips and strategies, it is not a course. Our assumption is that you have a baseline understanding of how to sell on Amazon. If you need help starting your Amazon business, check out the Amazon Boot Camp course.

I know a lot of people who like to keep their “life” planner and their business planner separate. So if you have a good system for staying organized, then stick with it!

The benefit of The Amazon Seller’s Planner is that it’s specific to running an Amazon business. You won’t find tips about sales tax, mileage tracking, or inventory expenses in other popular planners!

If you’re a total planner junkie, this one would be a great complement to more traditional planners.

If you have sold more than $600 on Amazon, the IRS considers this a business, not a hobby.  So, whether you get a 1099-k from Amazon or not, you'll still be responsible for accurately reporting your Amazon income...So, yes!

Of course, all of The Selling Family products comes with a 30 day no-questions asked guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the planner just email us at [email protected] and we will issue you a refund.

This is a PDF download of a printable planner. You can print it off and then use it in whatever way works for you. Some people print theirs at home and put it in a three-ring binder. Other people have sent the file off to FedEx for spiral-bound printing.

The PDF itself is not editable and not intended to be used in a digital format. We find that doing this work “the old fashioned way” of pen & paper is best for most Amazon sellers.

If you already have systems in place for some of the templates, that’s fine! You can print only what you need and you don’t have to go all-in on the whole system. There’s plenty of value in the calendar, weekly planner, and goal tracking sheets.

We wouldn’t leave you hanging! Once you buy the planner, you’ll receive any future annual updates for free. So if you buy this late in the year, no big deal. You’ll get a new version in January!

Grow Your Amazon Business & Organize Your Life

Grab your copy of The Amazon Seller’s Planner today and we’ll help you create a roadmap for a profitable year of selling on Amazon.


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