Finally, a step-by-step method to make money reselling on Amazon FBA


By shopping at your favorite stores, purchasing everyday items, and letting Amazon handle the rest

Even if you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have thousands to invest in overpriced courses, fancy software, or enough inventory to fill a warehouse

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Pop Quiz. What's the first place you go when you want to buy something new?

If you’re like me (or most people these days!), you probably said Amazon. Because when you want same-day shipping, competitive prices, and hassle-free customer service, you know that Amazon’s got your back.

But Amazon isn’t just great for buyers. It’s also the best place for SELLERS to start a business online. Especially if you want to put your items in front of all 148 million Amazon Prime shoppers!

If you’ve been thinking about starting a side hustle selling on Amazon…

You’ve probably already heard that you need to take advantage of Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” program (that’s FBA for short).

But you might not know that there’s more than one way to start an Amazon FBA business.

And some of them require a whole lot more money, risk tolerance, and nonstop hustle than others.

Even though selling items through FBA is a no-brainer, starting a profitable Amazon FBA business is anything but.

The fact is most new Amazon sellers never turn a profit. This means that their new “business” (the one that was supposed to set them free from the 9-to-5 and layoff risks) is actually just an expensive hobby.

Sure, they watch hours of YouTube videos, read old blog posts, and start dreaming about their new laptop-on-the-beach lifestyle…

But far too many sellers never even ship a single box off to Amazon.

Here’s why that’s a major problem:

If you don’t send in that first shipment, you never get your first sale. And without your first sale, you don’t make any profit (sounds obvious, right, but hear me out…)

Without profit, you can’t reinvest money in more inventory. And that profit snowball is the key to growing an actual Amazon business that puts cash in your pocket so that you can plan a vacation, pay the bills, and even pad your little one’s college fund.

3 Reasons So Many New Amazon FBA Sellers Fail To Earn A Single Cent

(and how to make sure you don't fall into these same traps)

1. They try to find the perfect product

Don’t get me wrong - you should always look for profitable inventory that sells quickly. But if you spend more time analyzing apps and spreadsheets than you spend in stores buying your first 10-20 items, you’re going to get frustrated fast.

Your best bet as a new Amazon seller is to ship items to Amazon that should sell relatively quickly and make a little bit of profit (even if it’s not enough to buy a Lambo just yet 😂)

Once you’re more experienced, you can be picky. But for now, start shopping!

2. They spend over $1,000 on a course not knowing that they need a lot more cash for Private Label or Wholesale orders

Spending $1,000-$2,000 on a course (or more!) is a major investment. This is why it’s so frustrating to buy those courses and then find out that you need to spend even MORE money to succeed.

If you’re taking a Wholesale or Private Label course that’s promising you a 7-figure business, you're going to need at least $5,000 in inventory to get started. And then more money to invest in complex sourcing software.

As a beginner, it’s best to stick to the inventory you can afford without having to take out a not-so-small business loan.

3. They try to wing it on their own

I respect the action takers who are willing to get their hands dirty, start scanning items, and pack up their shipments. Unfortunately, selling on Amazon isn’t as intuitive as you’d think.

Something as simple as a single app setting can cause you to lose money on the items you sell. And if you have nowhere to go for support except free Facebook groups (with 100,000 other inexperienced beginners) and YouTube videos from fake gurus, you’re probably going to give up.

As a beginner, you need a tested, repeatable roadmap to follow to avoid costly mistakes.

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Look, no one wants to talk about this, but I’ll be the one to say it. Amazon FBA has changed over the last 10+ years. 

No longer can you…

→ Waltz into Goodwill, pick up any dusty old item, and sell it for profit (those days are gone - you’ve got to be strategic now!)

→ Cold call a brand and ask if you can be their sole wholesale account on Amazon (because 10 other sellers have probably already called them that week with the same request!)

→ Order random private label products from China for pennies and expect to sell them for hundreds on Amazon (most of these items are junk that nobody wants to buy)

→ Create an Amazon Seller Account in under an hour (too many counterfeit sellers ruined the fun for the rest of us. It’s frustrating, but ultimately good for people running an honest business)

But there is some good news…


Starting an Amazon FBA business using Retail Arbitrage is easier than ever

Because even though some things have gotten trickier on Amazon, Retail Arbitrage has gotten easier thanks to new tools and strategies that simply didn’t exist 10 years ago.

What’s Retail Arbitrage? It’s simple (although it may surprise you that it really works!):

With Retail Arbitrage, you go to regular stores (think Target, Walmart, CVS), buy regular items (think toothpaste, kids pajamas, and even used books), and sell them for a profit on Amazon.

Here’s why I chose Retail Arbitrage when I started my own Amazon business (and why it’s the only method I recommend for new Amazon sellers):

✔ You can get started for under $2,000 (possibly even half that) and that includes all of the inventory, supplies, training, and apps you’ll need

✔ It’s the perfect business to start in your spare time, while your kids are at school (or napping!), or as a side hustle to a part-time job

✔ You can earn $500 to $3,000 each month in extra money for your family (which adds up really fast!)

✔ It’s a surprisingly fun way to make money (just wait until you explain to your friends that you were able to afford a family cruise because you get paid to shop at Kohl’s!!)... especially if you’re a deal seeker, bargain hunter, or coupon queen

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Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"Jessica’s Amazon Boot Camp was the answer to my prayers. As a stay-at-home mom of two young kids, I was searching for a way to earn income while still being the primary caretaker of my boys. Jessica’s Boot Camp provided the means, but more importantly, Jessica’s example as an entrepreneur showed me that I was not limited to working for somebody else. I am now loving my new Amazon business, making money, and STILL taking care of my kids. Thank you, Jessica!!"

Eliza, Amazon Seller

Hi! I’m Jessica Larrew - 

Amazon seller, wife, mother (plus homeschool teacher!), and Amazon mentor.

If you’d told me 14 years ago that getting laid off from my job would be the best thing to ever happen to me, I would have laughed (or cried, really!) in your face.

You see, I had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, earning promotions, and making the big bucks. But the economy had a different plan. And before I knew it, I was “redundant” (ouch!).

But after the layoff, I decided that I would never rely on a boss for money again.

In 2008, I took my final paycheck and used it to start my Amazon business (and made it my full-time job pretty quickly). Things were going so well that I was able to retire my husband Cliff from a job he hated in just two years. (Cliff’s the handsome guy in the photo with me, by the way!)

Once we made it a family business, things got serious. We had to make a profit each month because we had bills to pay! (Try telling the electric company that you can’t pay your bill that month because you couldn’t find the right Nerf gun! 😂).

So we went all-in, turned date nights into shopping sprees, and earned enough money to support our family of three.

But if Cliff and I were the only ones who pulled this off, my story wouldn’t be worth sharing. Since 2012, I've been helping others bring in much-needed money for their families. My students generate anywhere from $500 a month to $10,000 a month in actual profit (just thinking about it makes me feel like a proud momma bear!)

I’ve helped so many other moms bounce back from layoffs, quit their jobs for good, and take their families on dream vacations… all while building a profitable business that they can feel proud of (and that their kids can help with, just like our son did!).

And as I’ve taught thousands of successful new Amazon sellers over the last 10 years, I’ve refined my Amazon FBA course to make it even better for people who want to learn from someone who understands what it’s like to start a business while raising a family.

Jessica and her family at the lake

Are you ready to join an exclusive group of Amazon sellers who find products locally & online every week and make sales on Amazon every day?

Here’s how we’ll get you there….



The complete step-by-step course for new Amazon FBA sellers to start their business from the ground up without overwhelm… even if you’ve never started a business before.

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I've taken everything I've learned from teaching 10,000 new sellers how to make money on Amazon (plus the extensive trial and error that Cliff and I went through as sellers!!)...

And turned it into an actionable, step-by-step course that’s designed to help you launch (and grow) a real-deal, money-making Amazon business.

The Amazon Boot Camp isn’t a course about the “theory” of Amazon. It’s a step-by-step roadmap for creating a profitable FBA business.

And by the time you finish this course, you’ll have a complete Retail Arbitrage strategy that walks you through:

  • Finding profitable products in local retail stores (or even online) that can easily be flipped on Amazon
  • Setting up your business foundation so you don't have to worry about Uncle Sam coming for you in April!
  • Using the right tools to save you money and time in your new business
  • Pricing your products just right so they fly off the shelves (so you get money in your bank account faster!)
  • Managing the day-to-day of your business without spending hours looking at reports or Googling how-to-xyz

Which means that you’ll also have…

✔️ Established yourself as an Amazon seller who is using the Fulfillment By Amazon marketplace to reach millions of Prime customers

🛍️ Turned grocery shopping into a game of “how much more can I make vs spend on groceries.” Since you're already a bargain-hunter by nature, you now get to find those special discounts and sell them to Amazon shoppers for a profit. 

✨ A trunk full of products that are actually going to sell quickly and for a profit (avoid the rookie mistake of wasting money on items that look profitable but NEVER sell)

🤗 Short, to-the-point course lessons from a seasoned Amazon pro (yup, that’s me!) to watch and rewatch as you buy your first products, print your first shipping labels, and make your first sale

💰 Deposits dropping into your bank account every two weeks that you can use for more inventory or to buy things you need for your family

But most importantly, the Amazon Boot Camp 4.0 will give you the confidence you need to finally stop watching hundreds of YouTube videos and get your Retail Arbitrage business off the ground.

Cataleya Amazon Boot Camp testimonial
Kelly Amazon Boot Camp success story
Amazon seller success story 1500 in sales in 1 month
Amazon Boot Camp testimonial $3,000 in sales in 1 month
Jonathan hits 100k in sales in 2020

Here's exactly what you'll find inside the Amazon Boot Camp course...


Amazon Business Basics

We’re starting off with all of the business setup information you need.

It’s the “boring but gotta have it” part that usually stops people in their tracks before they even get to go shopping.

That’s why I walk you through the process step-by-step so you can just get it done for good.

You’ll learn…

  • Do you have to have a legal business entity before starting an Amazon account?
  • How to treat your business like a business (instead of an expensive hobby)
  • How to keep track of your business transactions so you don’t end up in shock during your first tax season
  • Which supplies you need to buy before you begin
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Amazon Seller Account & Scanning App Setup

Now it’s time to learn how to set up your Amazon selling account and scanning app the right way.

You’ll learn…

  • Which type of Amazon account is best for beginners
  • How to give your Amazon storefront a name
  • How to set up your Seller Account and what to expect along the way (this isn’t an instant process anymore!)
  • The apps you should use to make smart buying decisions


Finding Profitable Items In Your Local Stores and Online Retailers That You Can Flip on Amazon

There are two modules dedicated to helping you find products that can be resold on Amazon for a profit.

Now that you’re an official Amazon seller, you’re ready to head to local stores (or even online stores!) and start hunting for items that you can buy low and sell high on Amazon.

You’ll learn…

  • What types of stores are best for finding profitable items in person (so that you can leave with a trunk full of goodies instead of a bottle of water for the dejected ride home)
  • How to get through stores quickly by focusing on the right type of items
  • How you can use tools to automate the process of finding online inventory
  • Exactly how I evaluate and scan different products (because I’m taking you on a behind the scenes journey to watch me shop in a special Live Sourcing Video at Target)
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Amazon Categories, Best Seller Ranks & The Buy Box

In this module, you’ll learn the 3 most important elements for finding products that are actually selling on Amazon.

If you master these three things, you’ll have the confidence you need to purchase products in stores and online.

You’ll learn…

  • The best categories for BRAND NEW sellers like you
  • What the Amazon Best Sellers Ranking tells you about how fast items are actually selling
  • How to win the coveted Buy Box and become the featured seller on any Amazon product page


Tips For Evaluating Products Like a Pro

Buying inventory isn’t as simple as walking into Target, grabbing things that “look good,” and expecting to get rich. That’s why I’m going to teach you how to evaluate products like a pro so that you don’t end up with a shopping cart full of duds.

You’ll learn…

  • The common scenarios you’ll encounter while scanning inventory
  • How to avoid “bad buys” so that you never get stuck with unsellable inventory (trust me - you don’t want to waste hours returning items to the grocery store!)
  • How to set Profit goals so that you’ll know if an item is worth buying
  • What to do with products that expire like food and vitamins

What to do when you find an amazing product (should you buy a couple or clear the shelf??)

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Getting Your Products Out of Your House and In Front of Eager Amazon Customers

By now you’ll have plenty of sellable products sitting in your home. But they don’t make you any money until you ship them off to Amazon, let the warehouse employees do the heavy lifting, and start getting sales!

You’ll learn…

  • How to make your products appear on the Amazon website so that buyers will find them
  • If and when you should create your own listings for brand new products
  • How much to charge for the products you sell (you need to price them just right if you want them to sell quickly)
  • How to properly pack your items and ship them to Amazon warehouses


Managing your Amazon Account & Running Your New Business

A little bit of day-to-day account maintenance goes a long way in running your business efficiently. I’ll show you how to get familiar with your Seller Account so that you know where to find all of your important forms, dashboards, and account information.

You’ll learn…

  • How to find your sold items and check the amount of money that Amazon is going to deposit into your bank account
  • What to do if a customer reaches out to you (don’t worry - they usually contact Amazon directly and have no clue that you exist!)
  • Where to go if you need to reach out to Amazon Seller Support
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Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"I can’t say enough about Jessica Larrew and the Amazon Boot Camp. It takes you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up and running your own Amazon business. When I bought the course, I had already been selling products on Amazon for more than a year. I decided to take this course because I still had so many unanswered questions and holes in my own knowledge about this business. The Amazon Boot Camp answered all of those questions and more.

What I like most is that Jessica lays everything out in a logical, sequential, and organized manner. No stone is left unturned. She covers it all and makes it clear and easy to understand. Jessica keeps adding new videos and training to the course materials to keep us updated. Jessica really cares about your success and is a fantastic mentor. The Amazon Boot Camp is well-worth your time and money. I highly recommend it!

Donna, Amazon Seller

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"The Amazon Boot Camp was the first training I purchased, and it made starting our FBA business MUCH smoother than it would have been otherwise. I find Jessica’s teaching style very easy to follow."

Leslie, Amazon Seller

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"This is life-changing. It only hit me last night that my profits from Amazon this year are going to exceed my salary from my full-time job. It's good to know that if my job did go away, I'd be just fine.

Thank you so much, Jessica, I would have never even started on this road without you."

Greg, Amazon Seller

Imagine how your life would feel if…

→ Every time you needed some money, you knew that all you had to do was spend a day sourcing inventory and packing up boxes

→ You were confident that this is a business that will work for you (mostly because it’s taught by someone like you (who just happens to be an Amazon expert) and not a 19-year-old guy with a rented Ferrari)

→ You could make your own money without having to drain your bank account, ask your husband for cash, or spend 40+ hours per week in an office helping someone else get rich

That’s what we aim to achieve with the Amazon Boot Camp.


Join the Amazon Boot Camp 4.0 today and get...

  • Instant, lifetime access to all 9 modules (in other words, you can start following along the step-by-step roadmap today)
  • 77 bite-sized, actionable course lessons (plus transcripts and (CC) on all video lessons)
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
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The Amazon Boot Camp is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a bit of a bargain hunter, deal seeker, or online shopping junkie
  • You want a fun way to make money on the side (or maybe one day replace your regular salary!)
  • Spending a day bouncing between Target, Kohl’s, and CVS (like every CVS in your town) is your idea of a good time
  • You want to sell on Amazon FBA using the Retail Arbitrage model (that’s the only sourcing model that I recommend to beginner sellers)
  • You’re looking for an experienced guide with years of Amazon selling and teaching experience to simplify the entire process

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a new business venture and you’re looking for the fastest ROI possible
  • You’re looking for your next multiple-six or seven-figure business
  • You have zero free hours and you truly need to make money while you sleep (the methods I teach aren’t “passive income”)
  • You want to start a Wholesale business, Private Label business, dropshipping business, or Shopify store. Sorry, I’m a Retail Arbitrage specialist!
Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"I've invested in several online programs and The Amazon Boot Camp is the first and only course where I saw proven results in my first 30 days. Jessica's videos are step-by-step tutorials that are very easy to follow. If you are looking to get started selling on Amazon or need FBA advice to help build a solid Amazon business, I highly recommend the Amazon Boot Camp Program."

Tilata, Amazon Seller

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask before joining the Amazon Boot Camp.