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Here's The Problem

You've got a great course and everyone who's taken it loves it...But, all of the affiliates you reach out to about promoting it never even bother to get back to you!

The truth is, it probably has very little to do with YOU or YOUR COURSE and EVERYTHING to do with what you included in the email!

You see, industry leading affiliate marketers are getting multiple emails EVERYDAY asking them to promote someones fancy new course or software.

If the email doesn't include the right information, it likely goes right into the virtual trash bin...How do I know? Because I've received plenty of these emails myself.

When important information is missing, it leaves the affiliate scratching their head trying to figure out exactly what the person is selling, how much they're going to earn and where to sign up.

Aint nobody got time for that!

So, instead of playing the game of back and forth, it's just easier to move on to the next request that actually stood out and grabbed the affiliates attention from the start!

And Now For The Simple Solution!

I've got 11 affiliate outreach swipe files that you can customize so you include the perfect amount of information to get the affiliate's attention

I've put together this bundle to help you feel confident as you reach out to your next wish list affiliates!

I know that sending emails to potential affiliates can be super intimidating

Trust me, I've been there done that and I still get the flutters in my belly to prove it.

How many of these things have crossed your mind as you've pushed send (or stared at a blank compose email box) on an affiliate outreach email?

  • What do I even say in this email?
  • Am I Including TOO much information?
  • Am I including ENOUGH information?
  • When should I follow-up?
  • What should the subject line be?
  • How will they know who I am?
  • Does this sound sleazy?

As you go through this affiliate outreach bundle you will feel confident as you push send on your next affiliate outreach email.

And you get more than just email swipe files...Let's take a look!


Here's What You Get When You Purchase This Affiliate Outreach Bundle:

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11 Fill In the Blank Email Templates

Never stare at a blinking cursor again! Just fill in the details about your course, your affiliate program and why you are a good fit, and you are ready to push send. 

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13 Real Life Outreach Emails With Notes

I get multiple outreach emails a week. I'll share 13 of them with you and explain what I liked/disliked about each one and the things that really stood out.

Plus, you get these BONUSES that will keep your affiliate marketing efforts organized and streamlined!

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Affiliate Outreach Spreadsheets

I've created a customizable spreadsheet for you that you can track the process of vetting potential affiliates and keep track of which email you've already sent and when to follow-up.

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Easy Affiliate Outreach Management

This video will show you exactly how I easily use Gmail to send my affiliate outreach emails and follow-ups. I can easily stay on top of which emails I need to follow-up with and which email to send.

After implementing these strategies you'll wonder how you ever managed it all before!

Ready To Uplevel Your Affiliate Outreach Strategy?

You'll get instant access to everything mentioned above and be sending emails tonight!

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So, Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?


Nice to meet you!

I’m Jessica and I’ve been making my full-time income online since 2008. In 2012 I started blogging and creating online courses. That blog turned into a multi-million dollar business!

I’ve sold my own courses solo and by working with amazing affiliates. I've worked with some of the industries most sought after affiliates!

I’ve also been a “super affiliate” for some major software programs, service providers, and course creators.

During one launch, I sold over $300,000 worth of a course, blowing the creator's expectations out of the water.

I have a unique perspective to bring to these resources, because I've been actively working on both sides of the affiliate table.

In these resources, I’m going to share the strategies I use today, after almost 8 years in the affiliate game.

I get multiple requests a week from course creators and software owners who want me to promote their products. 

I want to share with you exactly what I am looking for when I consider an affiliate outreach email and the things that cause an email to go straight to the trash!

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Ready To Uplevel Your Affiliate Outreach Strategy?

You'll get instant access to everything mentioned above and be sending emails tonight!

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