The Course Creator's Guide To Affiliate Hosting

How to create an affiliate program that gets OTHERS excited about promoting YOUR courses!

Working with affiliates to sell my online courses has had a major impact on my overall revenue and my lifestyle...

And now I'm ready to share everything I know about what it takes to host a GREAT affiliate program that'll have the top industry leaders saying YES to promoting YOUR online course!


Wish you had a way to get your course in front of more of your ideal customers?

Your ideal customers are out there - with credit cards in hand - searching for solutions to their most urgent problems.

Excited customers ready to buy  your course

Question is…

Do they know that your course is the answer to their prayers?

If you’re not reaching as many qualified, ready-to-buy customers as you should be, then the answer is probably nope.

And if your current course promotion strategies feel random at best (and spammy at worst!), draining your energy while failing to increase your sales…

Then I want you to know that there’s a better way to attract new students to your course.

You don’t have to sit around and wait until you’re “big enough” to sell-out your next course launch. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on ad campaigns that you hope will grow your list.

You just need a strategic way to tap into the networks of the trusted authorities in (and outside of) your industry.

Expand your reach by creating an affiliate program that makes experts, influencers, and industry leaders excited to promote your course

The best way to enroll more students in your course without having to pay for ads, bug people on social media, or spam your list is to partner with affiliates.

Attracting amazing affiliates isn’t just for internet celebs like Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, and Pat Flynn.

In fact, I’ve been partnering with affiliates ever since I sold my first online course in 2013.

Influencer sharing your course with their audience

I'm Going To Tell You Something That May Sound Crazy...

Since I've been working with affiliates 

I’ve earned well over a million dollars in PROFIT that can be credited DIRECTLY to customers ORIGINALLY brought in from my affiliates

Overall, that amount is just a small percentage of the total sales I have made with my online courses. But I credit a lot of my overall success to working with great affiliates from day 1.

Without them, I would have just been an unknown course creator hiding in my little corner of the internet.

My affiliates helped me to 'get out there' and be seen!

I've been able to pay my affiliates more than $500,000, and I couldn't be happier about it!

I know some of you are wondering WHY I’m so happy to have handed over $500,000 to other online marketers?

Some of you may even look at this as GIVING AWAY $500,000, is that you?

Well, here's why it's a GREAT thing, me paying affiliates $500,000 means that I also made at least $500,000 from course sales that I would have never gotten without the help of my affiliate partners. You see, many of those customers go on to purchase more and more from me over the years. 

That’s the magic of hosting an affiliate program. It's about more than just the initial sale and the initial commission paid.

And since I don’t pay my affiliates a dime unless they successfully enroll new students into my course, I've got nothing to lose!

Now imagine telling Facebook that you’d like a refund on your last ad campaign because it didn’t actually get you any course sales! 😂

There’s no way, right?! Luckily, working with affiliates allows you to grow your reach and your revenue with no upfront financial risk.

A win-win marketing opportunity

The secret to finding the right affiliate partners, and confidently asking them to promote your courses, is hosting an affiliate program that’s attractive to affiliates.

Here’s what I mean…

Despite what you may have heard, the best affiliates aren’t just “in it for the money.”

Affiliates Getting Paid For Their Promotion

Over the years, I've had to turn down working with people who had great courses because they didn't understand affiliate marketing.

I would have loved to help them promote their courses (and earn my commission!), but they simply didn’t have an attractive affiliate program.


When you’re hosting an affiliate program for your course, you need to do whatever it takes to stand out. Affiliate marketers will often choose just ONE course on a specific topic, so you want to be the clear choice.

That means that you not only need a great course that’s a perfect fit for your affiliate’s audience…

But you also need to organize all the technical aspects (links, cookies, and tracking codes, oh my!), provide helpful resources to your affiliates, and offer a fair and competitive commission structure.

By doing this, you’ll end up with affiliates who are eager to promote your courses instead of other similar courses in your niche.

Remember, your affiliates have to earn their commission from you. So you better believe that they are ready to do what it takes to help you get the sale!


Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"I have been thinking about creating a course on building an affiliate program for about a year, but never did it. It's a complicated topic that takes time to break down the right way if you want it to offer easy-to-understand steps that can be quickly implemented. Kudos to Jessica Larrew for doing this with style! As her affiliate, I'm proud to offer this training to the course creators on my list!

Even though I've been a super affiliate for years, I found several things in Jessica's course that allowed me to tweak my affiliate program and make it better. For instance, as I went through the module on building an affiliate page (a key element in attracting high-performing affiliates), I found 3 new things to add in order to entice new affiliates who will share my products with their lists.

I love the format of this course because it's all focus. I'm not one to appreciate training material that is purposely stuffed full of useless information in an attempt to make it appear more valuable. Jessica gets right to it, so you can finish a module, implement that step, and move on. Well done, Jess, and thanks for the outstanding course! "

Karon Thackson

When you partner with the right affiliates, you get some pretty incredible perks!

Creating this kind of attractive affiliate program does take a little extra time and effort upfront.

But it comes with some amazing benefits to you as a course creator...


They Don't Get Paid Until YOU Get Paid

Pop quiz. What’s 100% of a $0 course sale? ZERO DOLLARS.

That's the amount of money you pocket when you don't use the affiliate who could have brought you a new customer.

If you think that affiliates are “taking” your money from you, I’d encourage you to find a new way of thinking about it...

So let’s flip it. What’s 50% of a $500 course sale? $250 that you only made because of an affiliate who took the time to email their list, talk about you on their podcast, or interview you for their blog.


You Get To Borrow Your Affiliate's Authority

Tired of feeling like a hidden gem or rising star?

Working with a respected affiliate can give your brand a credibility boost. When people start seeing your name associated with other leaders in your industry, they'll instantly trust you more.

Just because you don’t have your own podcast or a book deal doesn’t mean that people won’t take you seriously. Partnering with affiliates allows you to borrow their credibility and authority!

So stop waiting to be discovered and get out there and approach some potential affiliates!

Plus, you will likely grow your own list in the process!



Your Course Is Shown To NEW Audiences

Got a tiny email list? You’ve got two options:

1) wait until you’ve grown your list to launch your course, or….

2) find affiliates who will promote your course to their warm audience

It can take YEARS to build a loyal following of warm buyers online. By working with an affiliate, you can cut this time down significantly.

Working with affiliates is like outsourcing your marketing efforts. Before you pay a lot of money to run Facebook or Google ads, why not partner up with some affiliates first? You may even find that you don't need paid ads because of how well affiliate marketing works!

Benefits of working with great affiliates

Are you ready to learn exactly what you need to do to unlock the power of affiliate marketing?

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Introducing The Course Creator's Guide To Affiliate Hosting

Your shortcut to setting up an affiliate program that’s irresistible to affiliate partners (aka your commission-only sales team who can’t wait to promote your courses!!)

Hi! I’m Jessica and I’ve been making my full-time income online since 2008. In 2012 I started blogging and creating online courses. That blog turned into a multi-million dollar business!

I’ve sold my own courses solo and by working with amazing affiliates. I mentioned above that I have paid out over $500,000 to my affiliates who promote my online courses.

So, I'm sharing my experience with you in this course, from the side of hosting an affiliate program for many years.

The other thing is I’ve also been a “super affiliate” for some major software programs, service providers, and course creators.

I've earned another half a million dollars from promoting affiliate offers to my audience.

I have a unique perspective coming into this course, because I've been actively working on both sides of the table here.

In the years that I've been working with affiliates and course creators, I've learned A LOT about affiliate marketing and affiliate hosting.

I created this course because I saw a huge need in our industry for people to host affiliate programs that would make affiliate marketers happy to work with them.

There are a lot of misunderstandings in the affiliate marketing world and I want to make it easy and profitable for course creators like you to get your course out in the world, with the help of people who have already built up their email lists and social followings.

In this course, I’m going to share the strategies I use today, the things I wish I'd always done, and the things I should have never done 😱

That’s right. This is the spot where I’m supposed to tell you that I’ve run the perfect affiliate program since day one… but that just isn’t true!

I had to learn from experience, figure out the hard parts, and have tough conversations to know what I know now.

This course is giving you my 8+ years of experience and the blueprint for how I set things up TODAY and how I wish course creators who I want to promote would set up their systems.

All because I want you to have affiliates coming to YOU to promote your courses and help make YOU money!

Jessica and her family at the lake

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Course

In The Course Creator’s Guide to Affiliate Hosting, I'll show you EVERYTHING you need to know to go from the 'idea' of working with affiliate partners to actually hosting and managing your own money-making affiliate program!


The Basics of Working With Affiliates

We’ll kick things off by taking a look at how affiliate marketing works and why it can really benefit your online business. Learn what it takes to create a win-win-win situation for you, your affiliates, and your new students.



Benefits of Having a GREAT Affiliate Program

Module 2 is based on my experience working as an affiliate with other course creators and software companies. Discover the difference between an affiliate program that has affiliates eager to promote you and one that’s really not worth an affiliate’s time and energy. This is the secret to having your course chosen over others in your niche.



What You Need BEFORE Approaching Affiliates

Avoid the ultimate rookie mistake: approaching your affiliates before you’re ready. Module 3 will teach you the three things you must have in place before starting your affiliate program. I want you to know exactly what to do to make a great first impression!

Benefits of working with great affiliates
Making it easy for affiliates to work with you


Structuring Your Affiliate Program

Module 4 covers a lot of the back-end setup options for your affiliate program. I’ll also clarify some of the common terms you’ll see when setting up your program. By the end of this module, you’ll feel confident about handling the technical side of affiliate marketing. Plus, I share my tips on the exact commission structure that makes your program irresistible to affiliates.



Making it EASY for an Affiliate to Promote You

The fastest way to get rejected by an affiliate is to make things difficult or time-consuming for your partners. You want to make promoting your course as easy as possible! In Module 5, you’ll learn my best strategies for creating links, coupon codes, swipe copy, and even custom content that you can simply hand over to your affiliates.



Affiliate Sign Up

You need to have a handful of assets in place before signing up your first affiliates. But I don’t want you to have to start from scratch! I’m sharing the exact resources I use for my Affiliate Information Page, Affiliate Program User Agreement, and Affiliate Application Form. You can save hours of setup time by swiping these files directly from Module 6.


Finding Potential Affiliates

In Module 7, we’re taking a close look at identifying, vetting, and tracking potential affiliates. I share the criteria that I use for determining if I should even reach out to an affiliate in the first place. BONUS: Make a copy of my Affiliate Outreach Spreadsheet so that you can easily track the results of your outreach efforts.



Reaching Out to Potential Affiliates

Your success in partnering with the best affiliates relies on your ability to reach out to them and connect in a genuine way. To help you succeed, I’m giving you my outreach and follow-up email templates for you to customize and use. Plus, I’m sharing an advanced (but easy!) outreach technique that almost no one else is using that will REALLY help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox!



Communicating with Affiliates

Once you’ve secured some affiliates, it’s important that you stay in communication with them! Module 9 will show you how to use email automation to stay in touch with your affiliates. I’ll also walk you through the timing of when to send what information to your affiliates. You want to give them the right information that will make their promotion as EASY as possible!

Finding the right affiliates for your online course
Keeping your affiliates happy by going above and beyond!


Paying Your Affiliates

As the affiliate program host, you need to determine how often you will pay your affiliates. Module 10 will cover common payment issues like refund periods, payout schedules, and setting up a payment in PayPal. As a bonus, I’m sharing my streamlined method for paying out all of my affiliates at once. That way payments are done and off your plate in a snap!



Going Above and Beyond for Your Affiliates

Want to run the kind of affiliate program that really stands out from the others? Then it’s time to think above and beyond your commission payment. In Module 11, I’ll share some of the things I’ve done to make my affiliates feel valued and appreciated. It’s the “little things” like this that keep my affiliates coming back to me and asking, “Is there anything else you’d like me to promote right now?!”

Ready To Start Your Affiliate Program?

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All Of That Content Delivered In A Way That Makes Sense!

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Bite Sized - Text/Video Lessons

The lessons of this course are created in an easy to consume format that helps you get through each step and continue moving along the process quickly.

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Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Screen share has been used in any place where a process is being shown! The videos will walk you through using my processes step-by-step so you can implement what's being shown.

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Outreach Spreadsheets

I've created a customizable spreadsheet for you that you can track the process of vetting potential affiliates and keep track of where you are in the outreach process.

Placeholder Image

Affiliate Application Form & Terms

I'm sharing my customizable affiliate application that will let you know right away if an affiliate is a good fit for your course or not. Plus, my Affiliate Terms for you to use.

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Email Swipe Files

You'll receive multiple email swipe files that can be used for affiliate outreach campaigns and follow-up. All files are ready to be customized with your unique course details.

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Comment Support

You can receive my support by asking questions or comments on each lesson. I don’t want you to get stuck and stop making progress just because you have a question!

I want the entire process to feel so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t create an affiliate program sooner!

Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"Back when my business was brand new and I didn't have a clue how to get my products in front of an audience of buyers, I turned to affiliates to make an introduction. I was lucky. I had a coach who knew the ins and outs of creating and running a profitable affiliate program. Without her, I would have been sunk!

Jessica's new course is your personal mentor on this journey! I've even learned a few new ideas myself, and I can't wait to implement them. Jessica's tips for finding and connecting with new affiliates are brilliant (not to mention time-saving), plus she includes all the templates and trackers you need to make it easy. 

If you're ready to reach a much wider audience through affiliates, I highly recommend Jessica's course. It's everything you need to create and run a program that benefits everyone—you, your affiliates, and most of all, your potential customers."

Cindy Bidar


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Kajabi Tech Library

Since I use Kajabi for my own affiliate program, I have included multiple videos to show you how to set up the back end of the Kajabi affiliate center. 

Stephen Smotherman shares his experience getting advice from Jessica about starting a website to sell courses and information.

"I loved this course! I already have a successful affiliate program for my courses and ebooks, so I wasn't expecting that much. But, boy was I wrong. This course takes my game plan up a level...or maybe even 3 levels. I can't wait to implement."

Debbie Gartner

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Payment Options

The Course Creator's Guide To Affiliate Hosting course comes with 2 very affordable payment options.

You can make a one time payment, or you can make 3 easy monthly payments.

Pay In Full (Save $59)



  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • 11 Course Modules
  • 1 Bonus Tech Library
  • Comment Support
  • 30 Day Guarantee

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  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • 11 Course Modules
  • 1 Bonus Tech Library
  • Comment Support
  • 30 Day Guarantee